Reader's comments on our books.


Several readers have shared unsolicited comments:

The Rookie's Guide to Options

"I have many options books and by far your Rookieís is the best, most unbiased and no-nonsense book. I wonít name names of others, most if not all of them try to solicit accounts but yours, just plain old education. Thatís great."

"I finally bought and read your book. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone that is fighting a losing battle with the tape. Not only has my trading turned around after many inconsistent years-- better yet-- I spend far less time beating my head against these monitors...

Your work is appreciated!"

"I am currently in a stock Option training program, but I have gained more from you blogs and your book than from the program that I paid thousands of dollars for."

"Well I have read your (Rookies) book and found that it was terrific! It's by far the most practical information I have run across yet. You really gave me the feel that I was watching you make trading decisions."

"Iíve already bought the Rookies Guide, and as with your previous books itís fantastically informative, clearly written and if fast becoming my source of reference for all things option related. (Iím one of those people who like to understand things completely before starting to throw money at it)"

"I received the book and have been voraciously digesting it. Finally! A well done and thorough book covering what one must know to trade and why. Kudos Kudos Kudos!!! No B.S. and hype to sift through. Just serious guidance. I am very thankful you wrote it."
Don W., Marietta, GA.

Kim, Canada

The Short Book on Options

"I wish you had published this 15 years ago! Its given me an entirely different outlook on options."
John W., Auckland, New Zealand

"Your book on options is superb -- clear, concise, precise! Thank you for a truly excellent presentation."
Shirley P, Wash DC area.

"This book saved my tail."
Wayne, DeKalb, IL

"This book provides a great mechanism for learning the buy-writing strategy."   
Ralph, Chicago area

"A gem of a book".
James, San Diego

"Just read your book. It is excellent. I will recommend it to friends and family."
Robert, Lottsburg, VA

"The case for using conservative option strategies to consider as part on an investment strategy is compelling."
Peter, Las Vegas

"This is a very good book."
Ron, New York City

"I ordered your publication ďThe Short Book on OptionsĒ recently and have enjoyed reading it very much. Your book provides a lot of excellent advice on the subject."
Antony, Sydney, Australia

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