Webinar 10: Basic Rookie Questions

Basic Rookie Questions

These two videos represent something that is special at Options for Rookies. I’m offering insight into how you, the options trader, can make your own trade decisions. That’s a far more valuable lesson that being told to make a specific trade and to make a specific adjustment if such and such an event happens.

My goal is make this service truly valuable by offering guidance on how to evaluate alternatives and have confidence in your ability to make good decisions. How about the ‘best’ decision? In my opinion, there is no such thing. Each trader has his/her individual trade philosophy, including how to manage risk and how aggressive/conservative to be when trading. Anyone who offers a one-trade-fits-all approach is not doing a service to his subscribers.

I want YOU to understand how options work and to profit by using them.

These videos have been published previously. They were individual blog posts on Oct 4 and Oct 10, 2011. I’m putting them together because the material covers basic questions that rookies should be asking. However, the more important point is that this is the type of information that is so often overlooked by others who offer an options education (at very high prices).

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