The competition


It is flag day in the US.

I cannot compete with the likes of:

Stock Options offer the opportunity to make some enormous returns. A simple $100-$200 trade is all it takes to turn hundreds into thousands of dollars.

Our goal is to utilize our experience trading stock options to help you secure those big gains.

Nor this

On Monday afternoon, XXXXXX closed out a trade in the Apple Weekly Calls, locking in over $330,000 in profits.

Sure it may be true, but numbers that large are for boasting only.

What I want to know is

    –Is this a smallish 9$165) gain on a 2000-lot?
    –Or was this a spectacular ($3,300 gain) with a 100-lot?
    –Was the trade a call or put purchase, a spread, or ‘lots of different trades.’
    –I’d want to see a track record and how often big trades go wrong.

I find it more important to talk about losses than gains in an attempt to instill the need for good risk management in every trader. That does not bring customers flocking to my doors.

There is the hidden implication that if you sign up for this trader’s service that, you too will make that much money.

If some trader tells you that he earns $1,000,000 per year, don’t be impressed until he tells you how much money he is trading. It could be a 1% return on a $100,000,000 bankroll.

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