Live Interactive Sessions

An opportunity

It’s a rare situation when a rookie trader can find an experienced trader who will take the time to offer a clear and detailed reply to a simple options-related question. That’s one of the opportunities available at Options for Rookies Premium. The live Question & Answer sessions are designed to give you that opportunity. Ideally each member will have an opportunity to ask questions and receive an immediate reply during live sessions. If time permits, you will get to ask a follow-up question.


Note: It is not likely that each member will have that opportunity at each session. If too many members attend the scheduled sessions, I’ll add extra sessions. I’ll strive to see that each member is more than satisfied with his/her membership benefits.

Difficulties that can be overcome

There are obvious difficulties. The first involves timing of the sessions. I’ll set the first session as a test to see how well it works. I’ll poll members to determine if there’s a better time slot. I cannot accommodate everyone at every session, but I’ll do what I can to make the live sessions available to as many members as possible. Many members work during market hours. Others may live in distant time zones. You can help choose the best time by leaving a short comment below. Do you prefer

  • When market closes in NY
  • Nights
  • Weekends
  • Other

I’ll ask again (via survey) when you become a member. The second obvious problem occurs when members at the same meeting have widely different levels of experience. After a session or two, I’ll see if there are enough members to warrant breaking the group in segments, based on your experience. You will still be free to attend any session.

If you have the time, you are invited to attend

Do not misunderstand. Each Member is entitled to attend as many live sessions as are held at his/her level of membership. However, if you prefer to be involved with discussions with members at roughly the same experience level as yourself, then holding separate sessions may be a workable idea:

  • True beginners
  • Those who understand the basics of options
  • More experienced traders who are still rookies

Each member will receive an e-mail invitation to the sessions. Each session will be recorded and available for viewing by members who are eligible to attend the live session.
Specific times for each session will be posted. Expect an e-mail notification as an extra reminder before each session. As with other premium content, a recording of the event will be available for gold members.and platinum

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