Introduction to Options. Links to the Videos

NOTE: The video quality gets much better as we move along in the lessons

Complete course for rookies

Note: This is not all there is to know about options. Instead, it contains information that the rookie trader must understand before being capable of making good trade decisions. Anyone can show you the mechanics of trading and how to enter orders. However, trading goes far beyond that and includes ideas on how to manage the trade and plan for the exit.

Curriculum. Basic concepts, trade strategies, choosing options to trade, and risk management are among the topics. The goal is to cover enough ground to give you the knowledge and confidence to trade – with a good chance of earning money. You will fare better when you have an understanding of how options work and how to use them effectively. The goal is for us to work together at your preferred pace to provide you with the education, tools, and understanding needed for success.

Excellent discipline is a necessity for success. However, there are no guarantees because option trading is not for everyone.

Beyond rookiedom

Newer video lessons, especially on iron condors are part of the offering at Options for Rookies.

Iron Condors

Introduction to Iron Condors

At Options for Rookies Premium, our primary focus in on interactive experiences: questions, seminars, following a trade together. However, there is much to be gained by taking formal courses and I am building a library of high-quality educational videos. List below.

Unique conversations

Iron condor trading and the philosophy behind my trade ideas.

How to understand that there is more than only kind of iron condor trade and thus, different plans for managing risk.

Trader with different levels of experience, risk, discipline may each be able to find a suitable iron condor to trade.

The links to various posts and videos are here. This will be put together into a formal course, but that’s for later.


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