My Job

I have obligations to each member. I must

  • Provide an atmosphere where learning is an enjoyable experience
  • Be certain that you understand: all aspects of risk management are important. When trading, you may choose to ignore
    risk management, but in my opinion, that places your trading future in peril
  • Provide sufficient detail that you understand the lessons
  • Get members to understand that making trades by rote is not the path to success. Each new trade should be based on the belief that this specific trade has merit
  • Teach patience
  • Encourage you to believe the truth: Using a paper-trading account for practice is a valuable experience
  • Be certain each member discovers how quickly profits can appear and disappear for any trade
  • Teach you to accept the fact that all trades cannot be winners
  • Be certain you grasp the significance of trading outside your comfort zone
  • Convince you that preventing large losses is far more important to your longevity as a trader than earning profits
  • Recognize that options are not the best vehicle for day trading
  • Emphasize that everything said at Options for Rookies Premium is not gospel
  • Emphasize that thinking for yourself is far more rewarding than copying the style of another trader
  • Teach that trading involves plenty of art and is not all science
  • Encourage questions. This is your membership. If you have doubts; if something seems wrong – even when you don’t quite know why, please raise the question for discussion
  • Explain that there is seldom a ‘best’ answer to a trade problem. Many times alternative solutions are viable

Your job is to

  • Suggest topics for blog posts, courses, or spontaneous seminars
  • Ask questions
  • Leave comments
  • Feel free to disagree with anything, even when you do not offer an alternative
  • Dialog with other members
  • Have fun while you learn
  • Attend live events or suggest a better time to hold those events

Welcome to Options for Rookies Premium

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