Mark D Wolfinger

I’ve had a long and fascinating ride as an options trader and learned a great many lessons along the way. That’s what I want to share with you. It’s the driving force behind launching this new, premium website/blog


Many of you are familiar with my work.

I’ve published four books about options. Three are available in hard copy and one is available only as an e-book (Plus a kindle version).

My Options for Rookies Blog has attracted readers from around the world and the comments and e-mail messages received show that my efforts have been appreciated. Thank you to everyone who provided encouragement along the way.

I began trading options in 1975 by writing covered calls. In December 1976, I was given the opportunity to become a market maker at the CBOE. I quit my job as a research chemist (Monsanto) and set up residence in Chicago. My business partner bought a CBOE membership and nominated me to be the person with access to the trading floor. That’s how I became a market maker.

In those days, there were only call options – no puts. Imagine that! There were no LEAPS, no index options, no ETFs. It’s all so different today. We can sit at home, enter orders and get immediate fills. We even have software that analyzes our positions for risk. Nice!

There’s more

Check the pages under this ‘About’ tab in the navigation bar. They have information that may be important in helping you decide whether to become a member at Options for Rookies Premium.

  • My job and my responsibilities to members, as owner of Options for Rookies Premium


There is also information about my publications

I want to be the person who helps you learn all about options. I hope you agree.

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