121119 Weeklys Trade

Nov 19


Traded 10-lots 760/765P; 800/805C iron condor
Premium $0.80
RUT = 785
Delta 13, 14
RVX = 19.44 (good-sized decline as the market rallies)

5 minutes later, midpoint is $0.95 and deltas are 12 and 19

Nov 20

8:51 am

paid 10 cents for put spread.
bidding 40 cents (too low right now) for call spread


12:44pm. RUT = 797.26

Undecided: Hold for Friday AM settlement (always a high-risk idea) or pay up to get out today.
I do have a 30 cent bid entered, just in case there is a sell-off.

The opening is higher and it is almost a guarantee that the 800 call will be ITM
I have to wait until the end of the trading day to see the official settlement price for RUT.
The symbol for that price is RLS.

5:01 pm

Nor sure if this is correct, but one source says that RLS is 801.72. If accurate, I paid $1.72.

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