Options Education for Individual Investors

Hedge a portfolio of ETFs (better than traditional mutual funds) with options.

Create Your Own Hedge Fund:
Increase Profits and Reduce Risk with ETFs & Options


Mark D. Wolfinger

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  • More than 90 million American investors own shares of traditional mutual funds.
  • Despite professional management, most mutual funds underperform the market on a consistent basis.
  • Investors want a less risky, more profitable investment choice.
  • Indexing, or attempting to match the market averages, represents a superior strategy.
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have advantages over traditional mutual funds.
  • Most ETFs operate as index funds.
  • Many ETFs are optionable (puts and calls are available for hedging).
  • Adopting a conservative strategy using options reduces risk and enhances returns.


    Based on these facts, the book shows readers how to adopt covered call writing on a portfolio of ETFs, a strategy that allows individual investors to improve their stock market performance.

    In Create Your Own Hedge Fund investors learn:
    • The basics of Modern Portfolio Theory.
    • The importance of asset allocation and diversification.
    • How to build a portfolio with ETFs as the core holding.
    • What options are and how they work.
    • How to hedge an investment portfolio using options.
    • Why covered call writing reduces risk and enhances profits.
    • Why cash-backed put writing is equivalent to covered call writing.
    • How a trader thinks when executing trades.
    • How to plan, choose an appropriate option to trade, and manage a portfolio.

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    The book assumes the reader is unfamiliar with options and begins with the most basic option concepts before showing readers, in detail, how to use two conservative option strategies.

    The recommended strategy does not guarantee riches, but it gives investors an important edge. Those who follow the book's methods and manage their own portfolios will be running their own small hedge funds.

    The Target Audience: This book is intended for any individual investor who is not satisfied with the performance of his current portfolio and who is comfortable making investment decisions.

    This investment method is suitable for anyone who wants to invest in the stock market. Although all investment involves some degree of risk, the strategies described in this book reduce the risk of loss and increase the probability of making money when compared with simply owning stocks or mutual funds.

    Publisher: John Wiley & Sons. February 2005. Hardcover.
    234 pages. $59.95. ISBN: 0-471-65507-4

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