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Mark D. Wolfinger

Mark began trading options for his own account in 1975 and two years later became an options professional as a market maker on the trading floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE).

For the past nine years, he has been teaching individual investors how to adopt risk-reducing, profit-enhancing option strategies.

Mark has published three books and numerous magazine articles .

Born in Brooklyn, NY, he currently resides in Evanston, IL with his life partner, Penny.  He earned a B.S. degree from Brooklyn College and a PhD from Northwestern University.

His latest book was released in February, 2008. The Rookies Guide to Options: The Beginner's Handbook of Trading Equity Options, provides a thorough introduction to options, helping readers learn and understand how options are used to make money and reduce risk. The book allows the reader to follow along as a seasoned trader makes his trading decisions. Six option strategies are described in detail:

  • Covered call writing

  • Collars

  • Selling cash-secured naked puts

  • Credit spreads

  • Iron condors

  • Double diagonals

If you always wanted to understand how options can be used to reduce risk and generate profits, this is the book for you.

Mark is available for private consultation or group instruction on various aspects of options trading.

His blog can be found here.

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