Trading Iron Condors I

This is a the first in a series of posts written in reply to Daniel’s question:

Hi Mark,

I’m a new options trader in Australia, and I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for the excellent service that you provide. I was previously a directional trader but have found trading iron condors, under your tutelage, to be a much more consistent way to trade profitably and reliably.

I was wondering if you could possibly devote some time to demonstrating, perhaps through a track that trade example, how an iron condor could be adjusted using each of your methods suggested in this post.

At the moment, I feel that the adjustment is the biggest hole in my game and would greatly benefit from an educational example.

Many thanks

Good question. I’ve discussed making a series of videos and turning them into a solid iron condor course. The introduction is here, and this question got me started on a first draft.

This video discusses the question: How often should a trader adjust an iron condor position?

Full Screen Video

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