The Impossible Dream

In using one if my all-time favorite songs from Broadway (from the musical: Man of La Mancha) as the title for this post, I’m paying my respects to Joshua M Brown and his blog (The Reformed Broker).

This post (repeated verbatim) and the truth within hits me hard. I sympathize with Josh’s point of view, and like him, I feel powerless to do anything – at least not on a large scale. But I know that our efforts at Options for Rookies can help – even if only one person at a time.

I have a friend who’s been struggling for a long time to break out. If he would just do this one simple thing I keep telling him to do, his life would change forever. I speak with other friends of his and they’ve told him to do the same thing I have. He doesn’t even pretend to be considering it – he’s just going to keep doing it his way forever.

The struggle continues, what a waste.

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