Great Expectations

When trading options strategies, it’s important to have reasonable expectations. There are very good reasons for that. First, it avoids great disappointments and second, it pays to be realistic.

I made a comment at a recent live meeting in which I said that I targeted 7-8% per month as a profit target when trading iron condors. My reply was essentially forced by the parameters of the question. If asked that question as as it, with no qualifiers, I’d reply that I hope to earn 2% per month and that is a target that has a chance to be reached.

Each of us has different skills and tolerance for risk, so please understand that my target should not be yours. However, the wild, frequently encountered claims of 10+% per month, are completely unrealistic. Sure, thee are people on the planet who achieve this, but there is no reason to become one of them.

The video below elaborates on that point.


Here is the same video, stored in a different location, Please tell me whether you can view it.

Thank you


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